Wang Tao:Alisoft is not Microsoft's agent

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Microsoft China and Alibaba announced they would make an strategic partnership in many software areas. Microsoft would package  all its software products aimed at medium and small enterprise ,including electronic commerce service platform, business management, office automation,and sell them  to 20,000,000 medium and small enterprises in China via Alibaba's online platform.

Alisoft is thought as Microsoft's agent--Alisoft resells  Microsoft's products via its platform. But Wang Tao explained ,"We are not agent relationship ,in fact, the product is based on the intergrated software of Microsoft and Alisoft."

Wang Tao revealed,"we have the cooperation intention for a long time,when Microsoft launched its Vista last year,Ma yun met Microsoft's COO secretly."

"Previously, we had been in talk with ufsoft,kingdee,but failed.We can reach an agreement with Microsoft,that's because Microsoft and Alibaba are two very complementary enterprises.Alibaba's strength is that we have more medium and small enterprise users, the ability on the understanding of internet,cost control is strong too.Alibba has high credit in medium and small enterprise users,we can provide good service for medium and small enterprises ."

When talked about Microsoft's advantage,Wang Tao said,"Microsoft's technology ability and tool have been the standard.In addition,Microsoft's brand technology is also its advantage.At last,Microsoft choose us to provide ,operation & maintenance,service based on SAAS.We provide what the medium and small enterprises needed together."